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Car Seat Safety When Traveling


Car crashes are the leading cause of death in children from ages 1 to 13. This is why it’s crucially important for parents to keep their children in car seats in any moving vehicle regardless of location. At Babies Getaway, we’re here to help you keep your little one safe with top car seat safety tips when renting a car seat. Here’s what you need to know about car seat rentals. 


Should you rent a car seat while traveling


If you’re planning to be in a car at any point during your travels, then your children will need to be in car seats. A lot of parents have the dilemma of whether they should bring their child’s car seat or rent a car seat once they arrive at a destination. Renting a car seat offers the convenience of light travel and a car seat for only the days you may require one. Additionally, depending on what the car seat regulations are where you’re visiting, you’ll be able to abide by local laws. 


So, long story short, it’s up to you, your trip, and your travel style. If you’re only renting a car for part of your trip, then it may not make sense to bring your child’s seat from home. It also adds one more item you’ll need to carry (and we know that list can get long when packing for kids!). 


Who should I rent a car seat from? 


When you first consider renting a car seat, your first instinct may be to rent from a car rental location. Yet, car seats aren’t always guaranteed upon arrival, which can put the safety of your little one at risk. Additionally, not all car rental locations offer car seats. In most cases, the major airports will have what you need (for example: California and Florida state law requires that they have car seat rentals available).


Furthermore, the type of car seat can often cause concern for parents, especially with discontinued and recalled models still in play. While all six major companies (Enterprise, Hertz, National, Alamo, Budget, and Avis) state that it is their policy to pull discontinue and recalled models from their locations, it is not U.S. federal law to do so. 


An alternative option to your rental car location is Babies Getaway U.S. We serve the 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C. Our goal is to make traveling with small children as seamless as possible, and this means having car seats, strollers, cribs, and more at your fingertips as soon as you land. All you have to do is select the location you’re visiting, browse the categories for the items you need and add it to your cart, and confirm your locations, dates, and times. Who knew safety could be so easy? 


How do I ensure car seat safety when renting? 


Are you concerned about making sure you’re renting from the right agency? Car seat rentals don’t have to be stressful. Here are some sample questions you can use to interview any car rental agency you’re considering. Likewise, feel free to call and ask Babies Getaway the same questions. We’re here to help make this an easy, stress-free, and safe experience for your family!


  1. Do you rent car seats at your location? If so, what brand(s)? Can I reserve the brand now and choose my actual seat upon arrival?

  2. How do you clean and store your car seats between rentals?

  3. Can you confirm that you’ll have the car seat manual on hand to help me with installation?

  4. What are the safety measures you take if a car seat has been recalled or been in an accident?

  5. Based on how your car seats are treated during and between rentals, would you feel comfortable using them with your own kids?

  6. How often do you buy new seats?

Anything else I should know about car seat rentals? 


Regardless of who you rent from – a car rental location or Babies Getaway – you’ll have to install the car seat yourself. This is due to liability reasons. With that, Babies Getaway is happy to help you find a technician free of charge if you contact them at 844-759-1539. 


Final thoughts


Car seat safety isn’t something to relax about – even on your next beach vacation. Renting a car seat that’s delivered straight to your door with Babies Getaway provides is the ultimate convenience. You won’t even have to think about it!

For more information on Babies Getaway U.S., visit here


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