When renting from Babies Getaway U.S LTD, we make every effort to deliver your car seats on time for you and your child. In the event that a situation arises beyond our control where the car seat is not delivered, YOU AGREE TO ARRANGE SAFE TRANSPORT FOR YOUR CHILD WHEN TRANSPORTING YOUR CHILD TO AND FROM DESTINATIONS. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SECURE YOUR CHILD IN A CAR SEAT. DELAYS OR UN-DELIVERABLE CAR SEATS ARE NOT A JUSTIFIABLE EXCUSE FOR PUTTING YOUR CHILD IN HARMS WAY. PLEASE USE THE RESOURCES BELOW SHOULD THE CAR SEAT BE DELAYED. WE WILL TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY SHOULD YOU FAIL TO ADHERE TO STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS. Please see below for resources should in case your car seat is not deliverable, or delayed. 


1. You may arrange an Uber ride with a car seat. The "UBER" app is available via the Android Play Store and the Apple Store on your device.

2. You may arrange a Lyft ride with a car seat. The "LYFT" app is available via the android store and the apple store.

3. You may also google local taxi services. For example you can google "taxi 10010" 10010 being the zip code you are located in to find local taxi services and request a ride with a car seat. You can also google "taxi near me" or "Taxi" with your city to find available taxi services where you can call up and request a car seat with your ride.