How to Select the Best Rental Car Seat

How to Select the Best Rental Car Seat


You’ve been through this before. When your child first arrived, one of the big tasks you faced as a parent was making sure you had a car seat to bring to the hospital. In fact, by law, you needed to have a car seat properly installed in your car so you could take your baby home. 


You may have spent months reading about the different types and brands to find out what is most suitable. You discovered the different types. You learned about the various stages that your child would go through, and you picked a brand you trust. 


Well, when it comes to travel, the process doesn’t differ tremendously. In this blog, we’re talking about how to select the best rental car seat from the various types. 


What type of car seats does Babies Getaway carry? 


Each type of car seat has specific features that your child needs in different stages of life. You’ll also need to pay attention to any weight restrictions to ensure you’re renting a car seat that is suitable for your child’s size. 


  • Infant car seat: You may know these as “rear-facing” seats because they are the best way to keep a baby safe. The seat should recline at a 45-degree angle and should never be placed in front of an airbag. 

  • Front-facing car seats: These are car seats that face the front of the car. They’re intended for children who are at least 1 year old and weigh 20 to 40 pounds. You may also see these seats called “convertibles” if they have the ability to be used rear-facing and then front-facing later on. 

  • Booster seats: Booster seats are secured to the vehicle seat with the seat belt. They are used when your child has outgrown their front-facing car seat. The lap belt should lie low and snug across your child’s upper thighs. You may notice that some booster seats have backs while others are backless. 

    • High back boosters: They are more like car seats and help prevent your child from slumping as it gives them something to put their head against. 

    • Backless boosters: These are a smaller and more convenient option, especially for older children. 


How do I know which brand to choose? 


Car seat tests occur every year to test car seat models for crash performance, ease of use, and how they fit into vehicles. When you purchase your child’s car seat, you likely did research on the best brands to buy. If you have a brand you love, we’d recommend sticking with the same one as you already know them well. 


Babies Getaway carries the following brands. 


  1. Britax: Britax places a strong emphasis on the security of the child as well as side-impact protection

  2. Graco: Graco has made a name for themselves in the baby business for over 60 years of commitment to safety and durability

  3. Maxi Cosi: Maxi Cosi is a premium brand that provides comfortable and easy-to-install car seats 

  4. Chicco: Chicco is a brand that is highly recommended by medical professionals as its two main focuses are security and comfort

  5. Evenflo: Evenflo is a larger baby brand that also designs car seats, so you may be familiar with their name even if you’ve never used one of their products

  6. Safety 1st: If you’ve seen the “Baby on Board” signs, you know Safety 1st. They’ve become known for their convertible car seats that grow with your child


When can my child use a seat belt instead of a car seat? 


While it may be more convenient to forego the car seat on vacation, you always want to stick with the safe option and abide by the law. Children age out of car seats when they meet the following criteria. 


  • Exceed the weight limit on the booster seat (about 80 pounds) 

  • Can sit with his or her back against the seatback 

  • Able to sit with his or her legs bent at the knee over the front of the seat


Final thoughts


Are you ready to select a car seat for your upcoming trip? Babies Getaways has you covered! You can start renting here


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