Giant Rainbow Kite

Rent From $10/Day
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Gear #: 10025

Create Fun-Filled Memories Whether you are an adult looking for an exciting hobby or you want to share the wonder and excitement of kite flying with your kids, our huge rainbow kite is perfect for you. Coming in at a giant 60 inches wide and 32 inches long with 6 100-inch tails, this big kite with bright rainbow colors flies easily and looks spectacular against the blue sky. It also boasts a large 600D handle and a non-rip 100 M string that allows anyone – kid, adult, beginner, professional – to fly it as high as they want. This kite is: - Easy to launch in any level of wind (short of a hurricane) - Specially designed to be stable - Made from the highest quality materials to ensure it will last for years - Easy to store - Easy to operate with a simple to follow instruction manual - Beautiful with bright rainbow colors and 6 tails

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