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GoGo Babyz Kidz Travelmate







The Go-Go Babyz Travelmate quickly turns your toddler car seat into a compact travel stroller so you can navigate any airport with your child and all their gear quickly and safely. The Travelmate is compatible with a large variety of toddler and convertible car seats on the market and is made for children up to 50 pounds. Weighing in at only five pounds, the Travelmate is one of the lightest, most compact car seat strollers available. Its wide wheel base provides added stability for cornering and maneuverability and can be pushed or pulled. Now, instead of carrying your child and car seat, you can wheel your child in their own car seat comfortably and safely through a crowd with one hand. The Travelmate’s initial assembly is quick and simple so you can be up and rolling in no time. It is equipped with a fold down base to accommodate the large car seats on the market today so you can securely roll your child in their own car seat eliminating the need to carry a heavy car seat and tired child. The quick release ratcheting strap makes attaching and removing the Travelmate quick and simple and the 3 inch, quick release razor wheels provide a smooth ride, precise handling and can be installed or removed in a matter seconds without the need for tools. And, the four position telescoping handle allows you to adjust the height to your desired comfort level and can be fully retracted for compact storage. The Travelmate can be checked with your baggage, rolled to gate and checked, or rolled all the way on the plane to be used in flight or stored in the overhead compartment. If you use your Travelmate and car seat during the flight we suggest using a seat belt extender to make it easier to secure and release the airline seat belt. If you chose to check your car seat and or Travelmate we suggest you protect it in a sturdy bag. The Travelmate is designed to withstand some abuse but items can get banged around during flight.