Joovy Triple Stroller

Rent From $25/Day
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Gear #: 10161

The Big Caboose is easy to use and it includes two full size seats with canopies, two child trays and two foot rests - and your 3rd older child can ride, or stand, on the stand-on platform. If you have multiple children, this will be the first stroller you will use that gives the child in the middle seat ample room. If the standing child tires, they can turn around and rest on the padded rear jump seat. This stroller also includes two universal car seat attachments that accommodate most major car seat brands. The Big Caboose has a huge storage basket below the triple stroller, and sealed bearing wheels to help you push heavy loads.

Minimum Weight Limit: 34lbs (15kg)
Maximum Weight Limit: 50lbs (22kg)

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