Salter Electronic Baby and Toddler Scale

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Gear #: 10059

OH BABY, a scale that grows with your baby! From the very first weighing up through their toddler years, the Salter baby and toddler scale will give you years of precise, accurate measurements. As an infant, your baby will be safely and contently nestled in the ergonomic platform, with a smooth comfortable surface which is locked onto the base. As a toddler, simply unlock and remove the infant tray and voila, you have a teddy bear scale with non-slip “eyeballs” for secure foot placement. The Salter 914 baby and toddler scale has several special features. First, a hold function that allows you to read the display for 30 seconds after the baby is removed. Also included is a zero function that is used when weighing the baby in a diaper or blanket. All you have to do is put a spare diaper on the scale and press the zero button. The scale will display a negative reading showing the weight of the diaper. Now place the baby in a diaper on the scale and it automatically subtracts the weight of the diaper to give you an accurate measurement of the baby’s true weight. We know how important it is to measure every single ounce gained during those critical first years, so the Salter 914 baby and toddler scale measures in extra precise ½ ounce increments up to 44 pounds. This scale is powered by a replaceable nine-volt battery (not included), with an auto-off feature that will extend the battery life for years of accurate weight measurement. Versatile, cost-effective and accurate, the Salter 914 baby and toddler scale is a great shower gift for the new baby in your life.