All Orders Confirmed Within 1 Business Day.

Same Day Delivery Subject To Availability.

CLOSED 5/25, 7/4, 9/7, 11/26, 12/24

1. Select Gear 2. Enter Dates/Times 3. Enter Info On Cart Page & Checkout

Returns Via Courier


(Does NOT apply to NY, NJ & CT orders, APPLIES TO ALL OTHER STATES.)

 1. Keep and use the box or boxes your order arrived in to return the items. Your items will be picked up on the date you requested, except Saturday’s, Sunday’s or holidays. It will be picked up the next business day.


2. Remove the shipping label from the outside of the box and affix the return shipping label that was included in the box to the outside of the box or boxes. You will need a label for each box. If there is not a return label the carrier (UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, etc.) will bring the labels at pickup.


3. Tape the return label and box close. All boxes must be taped closed. (If you’re staying at hotel, check with housekeeping or front desk for assistance for tape if you do not have, they usually are able to help.) Make sure all items and pieces are in the box before it is taped closed.


4. For hotels, leave the box at the front desk or hotel’s shipping area by the date and time you requested on the order. For homes, leave on front porch, step, or safe area if you will not be there, otherwise they will ring the bell.


Be sure to follow these simple steps. The carriers will only make one attempt to pick up. More attempts to pickup the package will result in a $15 fee.



What if I want to keep items longer or return earlier?

Contact Babies Getaway @844-795-1539 at least 24 hours before to make the changes with the carrier and to avoid additional charges.

The pickups are pre-arranged so any change must be reported with 24 hour or notice.


What if I have to leave before the pickup time or carrier arrives?

Leave the box taped closed and return label affixed in a safe area, visible for the driver to see it. Do not leave packages in the home or rooms.


What is considered as a safe location or area?

Front step, enclosed porch, carport, front desk, Hotel shipping area. *DO NOT LEAVE PACKAGES ON STREET SIDEWALKS*

Still not sure? Feel free to call us at 844-795-1539 or email us at least 24 hours before your pick up date.


What if I do not remember my pick up date?

Check your order confirmation, contact us at 844-795-1539 or email us


Do I need a label for each box?



What if the return labels was not inside the box?

The courier will bring the label/labels on the pickup date


Will the carrier pack and tape up the box for me?

NO. The couriers are only there to pick up the boxes and send it back to us. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE GIVE THE CARRIER THE ITEM WITHOUT A BOX OR NOT TAPED UP.


What if the box is not ready for pick up?

Additional fees will incur to reschedule the pickup. We may able to exclude the fees if you call us before hand at 844-795-1539 or email us at