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Traveling with children or kids can be very daunting, but fortunately there are a lot of great products in the market today to make the trip go smoother. From security to leisure, there's equipment for just about every part of your trip. We at Babies Getaway will support you with all services and equipment. Babies Getaway is a baby gear rental business in Manhattan, which was launched in November 2015. We are specialist in allowing parents and other family members to have the whole lot they necessitate for their child while travelling, so they don't have to pointlessly heave around heavy equipment such as cribs and strollers. We also offer services like stroller rental, crib rental in Manhattan and also allows you to rent a car seat in Manhattan.

The best things while traveling with babies & toddlers:

1.Always carry the travel toddler kit - everything you need to childproof a space and it all comes off cleanly.

2. If your child is old enough then let him/her carry some of their things in a small rucksack or suitcase like this one from Skip Hop.

3. Moveable cribs like this one from Baby Bjorn give a cozy, recognizable place for your child to sleep and play while on the go. 

4. Sterilized wipes for planes, hotels, and public restrooms help to put your mind at ease, and wet wipes for muggy hands and faces can be a lifesaver while travelling.

5. Never undervalue the power of a book. Read to your child or young child before the journey to familiarize them with the process, plus its great activity while in flight. 

 6. Technology is great, but it's not much use on a plane without earphones that fit. This duo is sized for little heads and has a cable that limits the volume to a suitable level.

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