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We pride ourselves in offering the latest baby gear and a range of options. If you don't see something you're looking for reach out to one of our baby gear gurus.

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All gear are scanned for recalls before and after every rental.

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If your gear is delayed in transit or any other mishap arises we will go above and beyond to make things right. 100% money back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Babies Getaway is a baby equipment rental company servicing the USA. We provide traveling families with baby gear. Our equipment ranges from cribs, strollers, car seats, high chairs, bottle warmers & more. Think smooth "vacay" but without the hassle of checking all those items on your flight or in your car.
You will be notified via push notification on your android/ios device as well as email and bell icon notifications in your dashboard.
Log into your Babies Getaway account, go to warehouses and click ADD. Your warehouse address will be your home address or a storage location you plan on keeping the gear.
Once you receive a notification, go to the orders page and click the CLAIM button. (NOTE: ONLY CLAIM AN ORDER THAT YOU ARE SURE YOU CAN FULFILL. OTHERWISE CLICK THE X FOR CAN’T CLAIM)
Yes, you will need to purchase your own baby gear. Remember you are building awareness in your area and providing a service for families visiting your neck of the woods! The items you purchase and add to inventory may yield a return of 15-20x if maintained.
No, as orders come into the system and you receive the orders you can purchase at that time as many orders have a lead time.
You will be able to see the provider receivable amount when you view an order.
You may leave the items in a safe place and upload a picture of where you left in the app. Safe places should be the backyard, garage area, or patio. You may also contact the customer and let them know where you are leaving it.
No, all items must be purchased brand new
An SUV, Pickup, Hatchback, or Cargo Van is required. Unfortunately we are unable to accept applications with a car as the most popular item the full size folding crib will not fit.
As a baby gear provider you are responsible for fulfilling orders in your area. This involves the cleaning of the gear, delivering and picking up the gear, inspecting the gear for damages and purchasing gear as orders come in to keep up with demand.
Gear can be purchased at Buy Buy Baby, Target, Amazon or any other retailer. Gear will need to be purchased BRAND NEW and Never used.
Items should be replaced from inventory when the items are no longer considered gently used. This means excessive scratches, excessively worn fabrics/harnesses or something that won't be appealing to the eye. Items where Nuts/bolts that cannot fit anymore or are loose should also be immediately pulled from inventory. Car seats have expirations dates and MUST be taken out of inventory before.

Holiday season is here and many families would now start travelling by car, bus or train to meet their relatives or friends in different parts of Los Angeles. Many such families will be heading out with a baby, which means they have to carry all the luggage and baby equipment which would lead to a chaotic situation and frustration. There is a simple solution to this situation. Now, renting baby equipments has a number of benefits for families hitting the road, including saving time and money.

No longer do you have to dedicate luggage larger than your baby to accommodate your little one for two nights out. With Babies Getaway you can find easy ways for stroller rental in Los Angeles, crib rental, baby gear rental or baby equipment rental in Los Angeles. Below are discussed top five points to rent baby equipment:

  1. Save frustration: Avoid the irritation and headaches of trying to pack and take your entire nursery with you by renting baby equipment. You’ll save both time and effort and avoid the wear and tear on items during packing and transport.
  2. Save Money: Rental fees for baby equipment are very reasonable. In addition, parents can also save money on luggage fees. If one is planning to drive to your destination, renting equipment can cut gas expenses and allow you to drive a smaller, more economical vehicle.   
  3. Save Wear and Tear: Parents should also take into consideration the amount of abuse the equipment will take when used in crowded public spaces, parking lots, and in winter weather.
  4. Save Naptime:  Avoid missed naptimes caused by spending too much time trying to transport and unload equipment by having your child’s crib delivered and set up at your destination when you arrive.
  5. Try New Things: Renting items you have considered purchasing, such as a double stroller or new crib, is a great way to try an item before buying it. Most rental companies offer daily, weekly, or monthly rates so check them out before making a large purchase.

Services provided by us:

  • Rent a Crib Los Angeles
  • Baby Crib Rentals Los Angeles
  • Baby Equipment Rental Los Angeles
  • Baby Equipment Rentals Los Angeles
  • Baby Gear Rental Los Angeles
  • Baby Gear Rentals Los Angeles
  • Car Seat Rentals Los Angeles
  • Crib Rentals Los Angeles
  • Hire Baby Gear Los Angeles
  • Hire Pram Los Angeles
  • Pram Rentals Los Angeles
  • Rent a Baby Crib Los Angeles
  • Rent a Car Seat Los Angeles
  • Rent a Stroller Los Angeles
  • Rent Baby Crib Los Angeles
  • Rent Baby Gear Los Angeles
  • Rent Booster Seat Los Angeles
  • Rent Car Seat Los Angeles
  • Rent Crib Los Angeles
  • Stroller Rentals Los Angeles

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