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Long Island

As a current trend, there are numerous families who plan holidays and travel to many parts of the world to enjoy the family time. We at Babies Getaway provide you with many such services that will help parents to avoid any chaotic and frustrating situation during your precious holiday time. Babies Getaway acts as the single best destination for those parents and caregivers who are in need of baby gear rental, baby equipment rental, baby furniture, stroller rental, crib rental, or wish to rent a car seat in East Long Island, NY. We also provide our wide range of services in more than 34 locations throughout the country. Our range of services renders the process of travelling with a baby or a toddler to be easy and hassle-free as we provide you with safe, clean, and easy to use baby equipment, which you will require on your trip, vacation, or visit. You will be in no need to carry the bulky baby gear from your home to your holiday destination. Come on get your Baby Equipment Rentals on. 

Whether you have the requirement of a baby crib rental, stroller rental, or any other baby gear, we have it all as per the need. We assist you in choosing from our range of safe and reliable products. We can also assign a trusted representative in order to meet you right at your desired location with your ordered baby equipment, which in turn will make your trip easy and hassle free.

Our services subtract the worry part out of the process of renting baby equipment as our baby gear come with the guaranteeing of being clean, safe, and ready to use. The baby equipment rented by us is from trusted brand names, providing you with the much-deserved peace of mind. This means that if you opt to rent a crib in our NY branch, we assure you of its high-end quality.

If you can leave heavy, bulky baby items at home, then traveling with a baby doesn't have to be difficult. By renting out baby equipment with Babies Getaway instead of carrying them, you are saved from paying added airline fees which are charged for checking items before you board your flight. You will be rendered worry free about carting your baby gear through airport security. As our service locations are conveniently located with proximity to family-friendly cities and destination, we are best suited to assist you with a hassle free, easy and enjoyable trip.

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