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Don’t you just hate it when you have to go on an emergency business or family trip and the babysitter cancels at the last moment? Well, as much as you hate it, this situation is not so uncommon. The last option is that you have to also make your young one endure a long flight or an equally long and tedious drive.

The problem arises when you can’t carry all the baby equipment like strollers and his/her favorite eating chair with you in the car o flight. Also, buying a new equipment every time you go on a trip with your little darling is quite heavy on the pocket as baby equipment are not cheap. This is where Babies Getaway steps in. We provide with you an option of baby gear and equipment rental in Virginia and all other states and cities of The United States at the most affordable costs.

We understand the needs of babies and of yours as a parent and we offer everything from cribs and cots to car seats and strollers. You can just log on to our website, select what you need, select the period and we’ll ship all your equipment to your doorstep. So, the next time you’re going out on a trip with your baby, you’ll not need to spend a fortune on new baby equipment for a few days.

Also, we know that the comfort and safety of your little darling is your top priority and that is why we have teamed up with the best of brands in the baby care sector to provide you with the only the exceptional quality baby equipment.

Our services include:

  • Rent a Crib Virginia
  • Baby Crib Rentals Virginia 
  • Baby Equipment Rental Virginia
  • Baby Equipment Rentals Virginia
  • Baby Gear Rental Virginia
  • Baby Gear Rentals Virginia
  • Car Seat Rentals Virginia
  • Crib Rentals Virginia
  • Hire Baby Gear Virginia
  • Hire Pram Virginia
  • Pram Rentals Virginia
  • Rent a Baby Crib Virginia
  • Rent a Car Seat Virginia
  • Rent a Stroller Virginia
  • Rent Baby Crib Virginia
  • Rent Baby Gear Virginia
  • Rent Booster Seat Virginia
  • Rent Car Seat Virginia
  • Rent Crib Virginia
  • Stroller Rentals Virginia