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The Villages

The Villages

Babies Getaway is the one-stop-shop for baby furniture, specializing in the rental of baby equipment and rental of a crib. We, at Babies Getaway, understand that buying everything new for your baby can make you re-plan your budget and you have to cut down on several costs and most of the equipment can’t even be used after some years once a baby outgrows. Since a different set of the baby, equipment is used for different age, buying them can keep your budget on the edge for the first 3 years of the baby. Therefore, it is safe to say that renting can not only help you get all the equipment you need but also can help you save a significant amount of money.

If you live in The Village, Florida, then you can also get a stroller on rental basis from Babies Getaway if you need to take your baby out on a walk. Needless to say, carrying a baby all the time in your hands can get tiring after a certain point and without a stroller, you might not even think of going for a walk. At Babies Getaway, you can get all types of baby gear on rental and that too, at cheapest rates. Shopping for babies is mostly costly, but if you have the option for saving some money on it by renting, then you shouldn’t think much before going for it. If you’re traveling, you can rent a car seat for your baby so he sits with you safely.

We make sure that whatever baby gear you rent is as good as new and is in perfect condition. You can rent the equipment on the weekly or daily basis or for any period of time according to your requirements. It is advised that if you’re going on a vacation and you have a baby, then renting on a weekly basis will be more feasible for you.

Renting is not just about saving money, it’s also about the environment as, a lot of plastic and other resources are used in the making of the baby equipment. They get thrown away anyway after a year or two thus, if you rent, you are not only saving some money but also being friendly to the environment. From cribs to car seat, at Babies Getaway all of the products are of optimum quality and will help you manage your baby when you are also busy doing some other work.

Services we offer are:

  • Rent a Crib The Villages
  • Baby Crib Rentals The Villages
  • Baby Equipment Rental The Villages
  • Baby Equipment Rentals The Villages
  • Baby Gear Rental The Villages
  • Baby Gear Rentals The Villages
  • Car Seat Rentals The Villages
  • Crib Rentals The Villages
  • Hire Baby Gear The Villages
  • Hire Pram The Villages
  • Pram Rentals The Villages
  • Rent a Baby Crib The Villages
  • Rent a Car Seat The Villages
  • Rent a Stroller The Villages
  • Rent Baby Crib The Villages
  • Rent Baby Gear The Villages
  • Rent Booster Seat The Villages
  • Rent Car Seat The Villages
  • Rent Crib The Villages
  • Stroller Rentals The Villages
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