Traveling with your baby can be challenging, especially when it comes to keeping his or her naptime and bedtime routines. Getting good rest is the key to keeping your little one in a good mood when you are away from home and on the go.

At Babies Getaway we specialize in the rental of crib in Miami and rental of stroller in Miami that you were unable to bring with you during your trip. Whether your travel is business or pleasure related, Babies Getaway offers affordable solutions for the needs of your children. Our rentals are designed to be more cost effective and economical than it is to haul around many items such as cribs, strollers, highchairs and playpens, parents can also rent a car seat in Miami. It's not economical to purchase these items during your travels. First, you already have them at your home. Either there was not enough room in your vehicle to bring them along or the cost to transport them through the airlines is too great of an expense.

For traveling families, who are seeking convenience and the least amount of disruption in their routine, Babies Getaway is the first collaborative economy tech platform that allows you for baby gear rental in Miami.

There are a few reasons why people trust Babies Getaway and here a few points listed below:

  1. We clean our items after each rental with natural-based cleaners that are safe for babies. We launder and wash all linens in chemical and fragrant-free detergent.
  2. We love to provide complete customer service so we do deliver, setup, and take away the rented items.
  3. We try and make ourselves available at all times and for any reason. We want to exceed your expectations, every time.

Services provided by us:

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Baby Equipment Rentals Miami, Florida
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