Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine

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Gear #: 10099

Graco Sweet Slumber Baby Sound Machine Soothing Sounds Babies are much happier when they’re well rested, and the Graco Sweet Slumber Baby Sound Machine help your little one drift off to sleep. This ultra-portable sleep sound machine has a variety of sounds and songs pre-programmed, so that she can get a good night (or nap!) of shut-eye anytime. Custom Tunes You can introduce your child to your own taste in music early, thanks to the MP3 player plug-in on the Sweet Slumber Baby Sound Machine. Load your favorite tunes – classical, rock ‘n roll, blues, oldies, pop and kid-friendly songs – onto your music player, plug it in and your baby will love listening along. Light-Up Sound Machine While your baby is sleeping, it’s natural to want to peek in to check on her. So, Graco thoughtfully included a nightlight on the baby sleep machine. The soft glow is dim enough not to disturb your child’s rest, but bright enough that you can easily check on her. Auto-Shut Off Timer Sweet Slumber features an auto-shut off timer, so that you can set music or sounds to play for a set amount of time. This way, it turns off automatically, so that you will conserve battery power after easing your little one to sleep. It’s a great feature on sleep machines! Simple Use This sleep sound machine features intuitive controls and thoughtfully designed mechanisms, so that it’s always simple and easy to use. Portable Sleep Machine Sweet Slumber Baby Sound Machine features a space saving design, so it’s ideal for traveling or moving around the house. Whether you’re at home in your baby’s nursery, on a family vacation or staying overnight at the grandparent’s house, your little one will enjoy the familiarity of her songs and sounds. Power Options You’ll have the option to use either the included AC plug-in or batteries to power up this sound sleep machine. It’s flexible and easy to use, so that you can always help little one drift off to dream.