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Babies Getaway
1080 Bichara Drive Suite 502
The Villages, FL 32159 

For traveling families, who are seeking convenience and the least amount of disruption in their routine, Babies Getaway is the first collaborative economy tech platform that allows you for baby gear rental in Florida such as crib rental or stroller rental in Florida that can be delivered and setup for your and your family. 

Unlike having to borrow, having grandparents spend lots of money, or lugging everything through the airport, Babies Getaway allows you to choose the perfect items for your babies while Trusted Partners, who are independent providers, graciously provide high-end quality, personal customer service.

In the end, for us, the world would be a better place if parents felt great about traveling as a family knowing they had on-demand access to familiar products and services while away from home. Here is a list of services we provide which help families avoid the irritating and chaotic situations. Feel free to Rent Strollers Disney World and Rent Cribs Disney World

Our Customers Love Babies Getaway, as they  :

  • Make reservation online
  • Choose from many products
  • Receive safe and clean, top-notch products
  • High-end quality, personal customer service

We provide high end quality and service to our customers

Customer Service

High-end quality, personal customer service is very important to us, so it should be for you as well. We continually strive to provide the best possible care for our customers and the baby equipment. We try and make ourselves available at all times and for any reason. We want to exceed your expectations, every time.

Clean and Safe

Safety of children is our top priority. We register our equipment and act quickly to fix any recall or safety issues. We clean our items after each rental with natural-based cleaners that are safe for babies. We launder and wash all linens in chemical and fragrant-free detergent.

Delivery and Setup

We love to provide complete customer service so we do deliver, setup, and take away the rented items.

Services provided by us:

  • Rent a Crib Florida
  • Baby Crib Rentals Florida
  • Baby Equipment Rental Florida
  • Baby Equipment Rentals Florida
  • Baby Gear Rental Florida
  • Baby Gear Rentals Florida
  • Car Seat Rentals Florida
  • Crib Rentals Florida
  • Hire Baby Gear Florida
  • Hire Pram Florida
  • Pram Rentals Florida
  • Rent a Baby Crib Florida
  • Rent a Car Seat Florida
  • Rent a Stroller Florida
  • Rent Baby Crib Florida
  • Rent Baby Gear Florida
  • Rent Booster Seat Florida
  • Rent Car Seat Florida
  • Rent Crib Florida
  • Stroller Rentals Florida