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Same Day Delivery Subject To Availability.

CLOSED 5/25, 7/4, 9/7, 11/26, 12/24

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What States do you service?

We service all the states in the United States including D.C except Hawaii and Alaska. Crib and Certain strollers are only available in certain states.

How do I rent the equipment I need?

You may call us or go to our website at and make your order (making an account isn't necessary, but saves time for future orders). An email will be sent to you to confirm your order.

How many days notice do you need for when I need the items?

While you should order your rentals as soon as you have definite plans of travel, a minimum of at least 3-4 days is absolutely necessary for us to deliver our products to you. Please call us to make any sudden changes at the last minute.

What happens once I make an order? What are the delivery fees?

We will email you the details of your order. Make sure you are at the scheduled delivery location when we drop off the items. Delivery to NY is a ONE TIME FEE OF $25 & ALL OTHER STATES its $30 for delivery and pickup, BUT if the order is over $100 it is free.  Those fees are for NO MATTER HOW MANY ITEMS YOU RENT. 

What is the minimum purchase amount?

No Minimums. 

How do I secure my order?

You may secure your order online, via phone, or chat. 

Does Baby Equipment Rentals Inc. offer price matches?

Call us and we will help you to match the competitor's price. We can even beat our competitor's price!

How can I pay for my rental order?


What if I need products delivered to several different locations?

Go to the "notes" section of the order form and tell us which locations you will need the items. We may add a small fee.

Will the item look like it does in the picture?

You will get the right item, but it may differ slightly due to changes in the manufacturing. Otherwise, you will get an item with the exact function and quality. COLORS WILL VARY. 

Can my items be dropped off at a hotel?

Sure! Please note this in the "notes" section of the order form. If you forgot to do so, call us as soon as possible to inform us.

I accidentally ordered the wrong thing! How do I change my order?

Give us a call with your order information sent to you in the confirmation email.

Do you accept international cards?

Yes, we do!

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to EVERY CITY IN THE 48 CONTINENTAL STATES. Airport delivery is only available in NY, NJ, and CT at this time.

Can I have you pickup at a different location?

Absolutely, it could be a different city or state. On the cart page please fill in that information in the "PICKUP DIFFERENT" field.

Do I need to be present for delivery?

No, you do not. If delivering to a hotel, motel, doorman building the items will be at the front desk or the doorman will hold it. If delivering to a private home you may make a note in the "notes" box to leave in backyard, front door etc. Someone else can also receive the item on your behalf.

What type or cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, and Discover. We also have a Book Now, Pay Later option.

When am I charged?

You are charged right away to secure the order.

There's something I need that isn't on your site. What can I do?

We will do our best to help you. Give us a call.

What are the terms for renting from you?

The terms of agreement are listed on this website. Click the link in the lower left corner of the page.

I would rather pick up the items from you guys directly, rather than have it delivered to me. Can I do that?

No. We would rather give you the convenience of having the items delivered directly to you. 

I need my equipment longer than I anticipated! What should I do?

Give us a call so we can confirm that we can extend the rental of your items.

Will I be responsible for replacing lost or stolen items?

Yes, you will need to pay the full value to replace them.

 What if I keep the items longer than agreed, but I don't notify you first?

We will charge you late fees in addition to the extra days worth of rental for those items.

What if the items get damaged?

You can purchase damage coverage insurance beforehand. Notify us of any damages so we can see if it is able to be repaired.

What happens if I return your items dirty?

Substances that are difficult to remove such as (but not limited to) vomit, gum, candy, stickers, crayons, markers, urine, fecal matter or others will require a $15 charge to clean the items. A $50 charge will be instated to clean an item stained from smoke to remove the odor and sanitize properly.

Do you sanitize and clean the equipment before you rent it out?

Of course! Sheets and fabrics are removed, and all products are washed and steam cleaned with organic cleaner. Each item is inspected before rental.

When do you clean the equipment?

We clean our items when they arrive at the warehouse and before they depart.

What are your hours?

You can call us Monday-Friday 10am-5pm and Saturdays and Sundays 11am-5pm EST. We are closed Sundays. You can also email us using our contact us form. Please note if you are leaving your apartment, hotel, condo and you have a front desk/doorman please leave all items with them or if you are expecting a delivery please check with them. 

When can I get a refund if I need one?

You will get a refund within 3-5 days. 

How far in advance should I book?

You should place your order ASAP. This allows us to save the merchandise for your selected dates. We highly recommend placing your order weeks or months in advance. You can receive a full refund 5 days before delivery if you choose to cancel, so don't wait! Anything 4 days or less will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. 

Do you install car seats?

No, we do not for liability reasons. Contact us at 844-795-1539 and we can help you find a technician free of charge.

Do you assemble cribs?

Yes we do. If for some reason you are not at the location for us to set it up its pretty easy. It folds out and folds in. The 1 minute instructions are on the baseboard of the crib.

What is your refund/exchange policy?

Cancel 5 days before delivery for a full refund. Anything after 4 days or less will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee and a refund or full store credit. We will exchange any items that does not meet your expectations in terms of worksmanship and cleanliness. No questions asked!

Is it possible to place an order without knowing the address where I am staying?

Yes absolutely, just put "1 Placeholder St" and the city and state with zip code you think you may be staying. When you have the exact information call us at 844-795-1539 or use our contact us form and we will update the information.

I choose to have my items substituted, will I be notified?

You will not be notified if you choose to have your items substituted. For example If you ordered a car seat, you will receive a similar seat if the one you ordered is not available. If there is a price difference you will be refunded. YOU WILL NEVER PAY EXTRA FOR AN UPGRADED ITEM.

What does the insurance cover?

If you opt in for insurance protection, it will cover up to $50 worth of stains, damages etc. This protection does not cover against lost/stolen goods. You will be responsible for the full value of the items.

Am I charged per day, or per night?

You are charged per day, NOT ON A 24 HOURS BASIS. For example January 1st to January 3rd is 3 days not 2. This is because items are completely reserved and have to be cleaned, and inspected when received back.

Are there refunds if Items are picked up early?

No refunds are given if items are picked up early as we have prevented other customers from renting the item you choose for the days you reserved.

I left a tip, who gets it?

If you left a tip, it will either go to the person who packaged your items or the local delivery driver. For example if it is a local delivery it will go to that driver, if it is a courier delivery such as UPS/Fedex the shipping clerk who packed your order will receive the tip.