If you are facing a problem to rent travel gear for toddlers like strollers, car seats, and portable cribs then Babies Getaway can be an appropriate answer for you. Babies Getaway offers kids things to make your travels easier and more stress-free. We are the leading baby gear rental service in Connecticut with several branches all through the US. Our twigs are totally geared up with disinfected, class baby apparatus for your kids so that you can get pleasure of your stay while roaming away from house. Babies Getaway presents high class baby equipment rentals in urban places. We also offer services like stroller rental, crib rental inConnecticut and also let you to rent a car seat in Connecticut.

Babies Getaway is the premium one stop shop for all your baby gear rental needs. Our system is dedicated to providing class baby equipment that is spotless, secure and trouble-free to use along with exceptional customer service. We rent the lot from cribs, strollers, car seats, high chairs, toys and much more.  Experience the easiness of roaming with kids as trusted brand name stuffs are delivered straight to your door step. You will never have to pack extra bags or carry huge equipment again. The handiness is amazing, now relax while your journey and put your mind at ease. We will do the rest.

We focus in stroller rentals for family’s to use while visiting well-liked destinations such as the Disney Theme Parks and other admired destinations in the Southern California regions.

Babies Getaway continually brings the most trusted baby rental apparatus in the industry and each item is methodically cleaned and inspected upon arrival and departure from our luggage compartment. Our clients can rely on us to make on-time deliveries when and where assured and our technicians will even set the superior pieces of gear up for you and your family. We have the liberation to meet you at the airfield or at your hotel and if you are staying at a residence we can have everything delivered and setup prior to your arrival.

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