Training Baby Utensils

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Gear #: 10331

The study result shows that if children write with their hands, it helps their brain development and learning development. These show us a use of fingers is important to develop their left and right brain. Yummymia is designed to help babies hold their feeding spoons using fingers and give them the opportunity to start self-feeding with safety and confidence. Furthermore, its unique grip designed in Italy is a product ergonomically researched and developed so that it gives babies a chance to practice pencil grips naturally. Coconyworld’s yummymia is designed to consider not only functional parts of baby spoons for self-feeding, but also babies’ brain development. Because spoons are designed in enough depth, it is suitable to put food on them. Spoons and forks are easy to clean because parts connected to guides for suffocation prevention are curved. Also it can help prevent what babies can’t eat food as guides touch food when babies use spoons. Unique storage case design allows to keep spoon, fork and case clean and hygienic. It is possible to use the container to make homemade ice cream.