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If you were looking for a place to get your hands on the best baby gear in town, look no further than Babies Getaway. Be it strollers for your toddles, car seats for your tiny tots or even cradles for your infants, we offer all of them on rent. In short, if you’re looking for the best baby gear for rental in Ft Lauderdale, Babies Getaway is just for you.

When it comes to the available strollers for rent in Ft Lauderdale, We have a wide variety including single strollers, double strollers and tandem strollers. Single strollers are suitable for a single child, whereas double strollers can carry two of them. Tandem strollers are basically two strollers where the first one is attached in front of the other, making it a more stylish double stroller.

Those who have plans to rent a car seat in Ft Lauderdale for their baby, we have a lot to offer. From convertible three-in-one seats to infant car seats suitable for a newly born, you’d be mighty please with what we have to offer. On similar lines, if you were looking for a crib on rental in Ft Lauderdale, then your search ends here. Spanning a variety of different colours, designs, sizes and materials, our wide range of cribs would make sure that you’d find one perfectly suitable (and you baby’s) needs.

That’s not all what we have to offer. From diaper pails, baby floor seats and gliders, to baby high chairs, space saver high chairs and even fun play zones, everything you need to ensure your tiny tot’s safety and happiness is available in our outlet. Considering different people have different needs, we are certain that you’d be impressed with the variety of different products that we have to offer, thereby ensuring your satisfaction from our products.       

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